January 31, 2008

record of corruption

While the noise over Derek Conway dies down it is rather interesting to speculate what would have happened had he been in the Labour Party rather than the Conservatives, to do so you just have to look at what happened in the past. Something that has already been done in the comment thread at Political Betting on the subject.
I was looking at MPs suspended from the House of Commons..and what happened to them at nexte GE.since 1990 17 MPs have been suspended from the House: John Browne (1990), Dick Douglas (1990), Rev Paislay (1993), David
Tredinnick (1995), Graham Riddick (1995), Bob Wareing (1997), Ernie Ross (1999), Don Touhig (1999), Kali Mountford (1999), Teresa Gorman (2000), Geoffry Robinson (2001), Keith Vaz (2002), Michael Trend (2003), Clive Betts (2003), Jonathan Sayeed (2005), George Galloway (2007), Derek Conway (2008)

Andrea's question was answered by HF later in that thread.
116 Andrea interesting question on which MPs stood
down/deselected at next GE. They were all Conservatives!

Every one of the 8 Labour MPs suspended carried on past at least the
next GE apart from 1 who joined the SNP.. 0 Labour MPs stood down or were
deselected at next GE.

5 of the 7 Conservatives stood down/deselected at next GE, 2 carried on, 1
of which was voted out.

John Browne CON (1990) deselected and still stood.
Dick Douglas LAB (1990) left LAB joined SNP and lost
Rev Paislay DUP (1993) carried on
David Tredinnick CON (1995) carried on
Graham Riddick CON (1995) fought GE97 and lost (to Kali)
Bob Wareing LAB (1997) carried on and finally deselected 2007
Ernie Ross LAB (1999) carried on, retired GE05
Don Touhig LAB (1999) carried on
Kali Mountford LAB (1999) carried on and was promoted
Teresa Gorman CON (2000) stood down in GE01
Geoffry Robinson LAB (2001) carried on
Keith Vaz LAB (2002) carried on and was promoted
Michael Trend CON (2003) stood down in GE05
Clive Betts LAB (2003) carried on
Jonathan Sayeed CON (2005) deselected for GE05
George Galloway RESP (2007) carried on
Derek Conway CON (2008)stood down next GE

It seems it is best to be a Labour MP, their party seems to be more tolerant
of bad behaviour.

with one of these being clarified a little later
135. I don't think Sayeed was deselected. On the contrary he won
his re-selection, but after further revelations he retired on "health

So Labour is a little worse than the Conservatives, but when they are caught out they are far less likely to be forced off the gravy train. So if you want to be corrupt and get away with it be on the 'left'.


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